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You require HVAC maintenance and we are the perfect match for you. It is vital to maintain and tune up your HVAC system as dirt and neglect can either make your system ineffective, or make it fail altogether. On the contrary, making sure that your HVAC device is installed well, properly sized, and maintained well, you can save almost 20% annually on your total energy expenses.  One thing you can do on your own is change your air filter every couple of months, but that doesn’t eradicate the requirement to get a tune-up twice a year!  No matter whether we are discussing about a cooling or a heating tune-up, a technician will tighten electrical connections and gauge voltage and amperage on all the motors.  This will make sure your system will be durable.

However, it also ensures it is safe and that no electrical fires can happen. Another vital aspect of HVAC tune-up is to lubricate components of motors that have a tendency to get stuck making your system work harder. Last but certainly not the least, in winter, your technician will be very mindful to check the gas pressure on your equipment, and also cleaning it if it is dirty, and finding out whether any of the components are cracked. Not only are these issues ineffective, but they can be unsafe also.  Regular tune-ups are vital, and we insist you to call us in Valentine, as we have been in business for years now.  We understand the HVAC business and we are happy to offer replacement, maintenance and obviously emergency services!

Call us now and we will always answer your call in Valentine. Split Air Newcastle has been proudly serving the homeowners and businesses in Valentine for years. You can rely on us for all your heating and cooling service requirements, no matter it is AC servicing, repair or selecting a new system for your home. Learn a bit more about the services we have to offer. Though issues may come almost for any kind of reason, there are ways for homeowners to restrict the possibility of an air conditioner breakdown.